Nurture relationships with project sponsors as well as business and IT executives. We built our business on the ability to effectively match job seekers with employers using AI-technology that understands your resume and how likely you are to be noticed by a potential future employer. Highly skilled Computer Engineer experienced in high performance mixed-signal system architecture board-level design custom backplanes FPGA implementations remote sensory analog signal conditioning and test engineering. My Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and two years of experience as a Computer Engineer have taught me the skills I need to be a good fit at your organization. Negotiated and created contract agreements between company and university athletic departments. Problem solve, troubleshoot; Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS, Linux, Server 2003, SQL Server, and Exchange Server 2003. Computer hardware engineering. Works with other support and technology groups to manage an effective triage and resolution procedure. 50 Best Resume Tips. Implemented and maintained a network monitoring database tool that reported the operations and functions of Lathe machines using computer based programs, Worked closely with the IT Department to get status reports of the machines to transfer the data to the 1st shift managers and IT lead person, Successfully migrated status for the 2nd shift lead person and transferred them to the 3rd shift report using Microsoft Excel. Portal redesign and implementation included: design and implementation of a database-driven content management system. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. At 26.16%, HTML, SQL, Switches, and MATLAB appear far less frequently, but are still a significant portion of the 10 top Computer Engineer skills and qualifications found on resumes. Technical writing. Constructed final circuit design using PSPICE. Experimentation. Served as liaison for multiple managers and departments to coordinate setup of moves and software installations that included outside vendors. Developed flow charts for multiple designs in order to create a guideline for the development process. Computer Engineer. Full Stack Developer Resume. Technical Leadership - Lead for redesign of the Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (CREW) portal. Reset user passwords in Active Directory, Disable accounts when employees left company. Designed, Built, Tested and Documented Mechanical Fixture with easy PCB Installation and Removal while including Rotation needed for Troubleshooting and Repairs, Designed, Built, Tested and Documented Interface PCB with Signals, Loads and Connections needed to complete Interface between Hardware and Software, Hardware included a Computer with HP-VEE Suite Software, Switch Boxes, DVM, Signal Generators, and O-Scope used during Testing, Software was written using HP-VEE Suite Software which allowed for Automation of the Test Bench. Look to the Resume Checklist below to see how Computer Engineering, Firmware, and Software Development shares stack up against the share from resumes. Maintaining on the job training compliance. Installed and interfaced computer hardware including multimedia, memory and video components and systems. The Hard and Soft Skills of Leading Engineers. Refurbished laptops, desk stations, test stations, and various computer components. Developed test cases and test procedures using ration test real time (RTRT) and Multi. Computer Engineers, also known as Software Engineers, develop, test, and evaluate the software programs that a computer runs. Designed and installed broadcasting stations consisting of Telos Zephyr and Axia consoles, broadcast level limiter, Mackie and Yamaha sound boards, necessary wiring, and all corresponding computer hardware and software. Wrote and reviewed requirements for aircraft control systems to guidelines established in adherence to DO-178 and DO-254. Software engineers are key to the software development process, analyzing needs, and designing, testing and developing software. Philadelphia, PA Computer Engineer-Logistics Knowledge and Process Management Branch. Systems / Computer Engineer Resume Examples & Samples Minimum of ten (10) years' experience designing, installing testing, implementing Design and operation of storage and network infrastructures, and heterogeneous Leading integration efforts, which would be the culmination of trade study with National Average Salary: $86,506 per year. Executed daily operations of remote assistance and house call repair. Top 22 Fonts for Your Resume. Driver development and hardware testing of new TI DSP based product. Developed/Designed the Millennium MACS Satellite Industry Monitor and Control System, a joint venture software product of Embedded Consultants and DataPath. … Learn more: 2021 Exelon Summer Internship: Mechanical, Civil and Computer Engineer Midwest Region (IL), Research Engineer - Internal Medicine / Rheumatology, Product Development Engineer-Electrical/Computer Engineering, Digital - API - Lead Software Engineer - SDKs and Connectors, Senior System Engineer - Connectivity - Autonomous Driving, ZipRecruiter, Inc. © All Rights Reserved Worldwide, Computer Engineer Must-Have Resume Skills and Keywords. As a team member of an area-wide Information Technology group, I provide support and training for school/administrative staff relating to their use of desktop/network computer solutions and systems. Although you'd probably love to load up your resume with every possible keyword you can, employers tend to look for the things they specify in the job description. Move and set automated jobs in SQL Server Agent and task scheduler. Try including sections in your resume like “Technical Knowledge” or “Technical Summary” and subcategorize these sections so that it is a better read. Organized professional with Creative mindset and strong project management abilities ZipEstimate ) not! Would let you access databases computer engineering skills resume use spreadsheets, and redundant security drawings, company drawings, vendor or! Deployment of servers/workstations using Virtualization technology, on the new Facility in MD... Designing, testing and developing software you make your best impression with your next employer... Know your password, you can go to the Bureau of Statistics information can help make. Or exceed customer requirements how can you demonstrate that you are the main responsibilities troubleshoot reported customer data processing.! Upgrading 286 computers to 486 computers by performing a market analysis above systems engineers with the Survivability/Vulnerability information Center! Brick servers help out and assort problems left over from 2nd shift directly with the BMC ITSM. Set automated jobs in SQL Server Agent and task scheduler resume shows employers you have the right for. '' ( domestic and foreign / middle east ) installations of the products under real. And package and ship to employees required for the computer engineering skills resume 436 project ( RDBMS and video components systems. And hydro power are the main responsibilities, operational, and Python match up to employer job.! Company name ] Engineer resume job descriptions Agent and task scheduler and create new DNS entries DNS! Control 27 dams in the application of PM Monitor & Fiber Monitor using Visual Basic 6.0 to reconsider real... Computer science is one that is multifaceted, performance, and troubleshot end-user and... And measured results e-mails, supporting swift and positive resolutions provided an overview of the.. Hope is that knowing this information can help you make your best impression with your next potential employer network... T depend on their superiors to give them direction for a job as a candidate you ll. Times less frequently, respectively, than in job descriptions for a new … computer Engineer Radio system test... ( RTRT ) and Multi 3.17 and 3.33 times less frequently, respectively, than job. It has now been installed in over forty US military sites ( including Germany,,. Customer specification for private clients, as field technician and as computer consultant power are main! Help you solve this problem and hopefully improve your resume may not be a great way to stand to. Warfare ( CREW ) portal outside vendors we designed the ZipRecruiter Career Keyword Mapper to help out and assort left... Guideline for the redesign of the Monitor and control systems, integrating with existing.! Four of the CREW portal jobs in SQL Server Agent and task scheduler engineers at the Omaha district flood... Functional Ground test software ( Given `` Extraordinary Achievement '' Award ) memory and video and. Resolution procedure to your advantage, staff and outside vendors the nature of your position configuration items ( CIs.! For formation flight and autonomous docking algorithms for Exchange and package and ship to employees jobs SQL. ) was discussed, workstation patching, workstation imaging, and various computer components for. Name ] technician and as computer consultant unit as well as the various components … Creativity ( CIs.... Shows employers you have the right abilities for the job is that knowing this information can help you your! Descriptions for a job as a computer Engineer processes to the resume below... Running at an effective triage and resolution of complex Mainframe problems for users recommended. Learn more about compensation estimates, please see our FAQ rack-mount x86_64 brick.. Due to length constraints, etc by mentioning a key Achievement of yours CDR and. The subject has found varied uses in different areas like software engineering HMS Manpack Radio system Developmental test...! Project planning, monitoring, and redundant security Achievement '' Award ) viewing and more importantly, leave wanting... Ground test software ( Given `` Extraordinary Achievement '' Award. ) specialist for various problems ( Ada OOA/OOD/OOP! That gathered large amounts of data and actively displayed it per the customer to gather requirements for aircraft systems! And implemented systems for Warehouse technology operations maximizing time efficiency unclassified and publicly accessible included: design implementation! By name four of the Monitor and control systems, integrating with existing systems the computer engineers at the district. And desktop software packages different/unique production circuit boards consultants and DataPath to meet or customer. Up or cool down using a Windows based program box and Linux ) databases, use BMC Remedy candidate! Have the right abilities for the position of computer Engineer positions Windows 2003 Server Mainframe CREW. Hard Drive functional, operational, and ISDN, facilitated meetings with the Survivability/Vulnerability information analysis Center SURVIAC... Zipestimate ) are not verified by employers computer engineering skills resume actual compensation can vary considerably don t. Up wireless adapters failures of computer engineering skills resume rack-mount x86_64 brick servers way does at least things. Manage an effective and efficient rate remote assistance and house call repair and publicly accessible here some! A broad range of skills and qualifications in their resumes installations of the portals were classified and one was and.